First Music Post by Chris

Prepare to be completely blown away! In the age of the internet it's pretty rare to find something truly great and raw before the masses. But thanks to me you can now brag that you knew of Dam Mantle before he blew up. With a mere 600 friends on myspace this Glasgow artist is killing it with his original productions. He seamlessly mixes genres in each of his tracks to create a completely genuine and original sound.

I've posted two tracks here; Grey is definitely my favorite, with a dub step-like bassline mixed with numerous glitchy instrumental samples, vocal chops, followed by hip hop style drums all arranged creating this chaotic masterpiece!

Youghort is the second track which consists of the most unconventional assortment of drums I've heard in a long time.


Here is a bonus track from Mirror People, a side project of Rui Maia from Portugal. This track is as fresh as they come, being that it was only released a few days ago! It is a remix of Neon Indian's track "Mind, Drips." Do yourself a favor and do not overlook this track because you will instantly fall in love.

Mind, Drips (Mirror People Remix)


  1. everyone already knows who neon indian is.

  2. Read the description before posting irrelevant anonymous comments :o)

    It's a Mirror People remix, not about Neon Indian.

  3. funny post!

    I'm following you now.. :)

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