10 for 2010

I've come up with ten New Year's resolutions for 2010 that I actually PLAN TO KEEP.
In 2010:
1) Get at LEAST a 3.6 GPA this upcoming semester
2) Save up $200 by April 16th for Coachella
3) Give Pops my credit card to hold for two months so I can put my Oniomania in dormancy for a bit
4) Try my absolute hardest to buy all my clothes from Goodwill & other second-hand stores (excluding Buffalo Exchange). I'm really excited about this one! I think I'll value my clothes more since I'll have to search for each gem.
5) Spend my money on worthy items, e.g. film, music events, public transportation, and museums. (A perk of living at home is FREE FOOD so I need to stop buying it.)
6) Learn how to sequin my own things.
7) Not lose the new LG Dare I'm getting, I'm only allowing myself one more chance! I went through 7 Dares in 2009. Unacceptable.
8) Make copies of my car keys for Caylen and Chris because I think it's a little unreasonable for a resolution to be to not leave my keys in the car anymore.
9) Quit eating like I have four stomachs.
10) Call my Ninang at least once a week.

And I'm really satisfied with my first roll of film from my Diana+ Mini! It was more of a test roll but I got a lot more shots than I had expected. More scans later.

My parents on the far left :o) Christmas day

Sissy on the right. These are half frames and they come out side-by-side as pictured

Left the shutter open for two seconds in a low-lit room

He or I fcked up on the left but the right is a double exposure using blue and yellow flash filters.

Have a sensual New Year's Eve


  1. your diana pictures came out wonderful, i'm trying out my diana dreamer right now hopefully mine come out as well as yours!


  2. definatly some good resolutions,love ur collage

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