Living in a material werld, and I am a material girl

So I've been trying to save my money for peoples' Christmas presents, Coachella, and the rumored final tour of Bright Eyes. To celebrate my savings I unconsciously rewarded myself by shopping haha. But if it means anything, I'm using a crappy old phone instead of paying 50 bucks for my (literally) 7th LG Dare in the past nine months. I have an absent-mindedness problem.

+multiple pairs of tights. Need to stock up for the winter!

Took advantage of an ex-cowerker's discount and picked out a bunch of staples

Black Tied and Nars blush (I swear by it) in Crazed <3

More stuff from my werk; we stopped by GheyA where I got the black Interlock high-waisted mini-skirt, which I had to suffice for full price because I didn't want to wait to get a hold of Jennifer to comp. it for me.

Now that I'll be content for a while, I need to refocus my attention on school; this is always the time I start slipping! :oX


  1. ~*~*~LOVES IT GIRL!!!!! THOSE R SOOOO KEWT!!!!!~*~*~*~ SaVe DaT MoNeY FeR CoAcHeLlA GuuUuUuUurrrrLLlLlllLll EveN DoUgH U LeWkIn GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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