The truth requires no audience, no witnesses

After I got off werk Chris & I went to this, not knowing if we were going to get in or not because it was so last minute. We ended up climbing a barbed pointy-ass fence--with the aid of my statistics book haha!--and enjoyed our free shenanigans.

Instax love


Sometimes I'm naked and thank God sometimes you're naked

A lil ago we hit up a relief fundraiser for the tsunami in the Philippines... supporting the country I was made in!

Loves them!

My new toy!>

Thxgiving just around the corner!


Living in a material werld, and I am a material girl

So I've been trying to save my money for peoples' Christmas presents, Coachella, and the rumored final tour of Bright Eyes. To celebrate my savings I unconsciously rewarded myself by shopping haha. But if it means anything, I'm using a crappy old phone instead of paying 50 bucks for my (literally) 7th LG Dare in the past nine months. I have an absent-mindedness problem.

+multiple pairs of tights. Need to stock up for the winter!

Took advantage of an ex-cowerker's discount and picked out a bunch of staples

Black Tied and Nars blush (I swear by it) in Crazed <3

More stuff from my werk; we stopped by GheyA where I got the black Interlock high-waisted mini-skirt, which I had to suffice for full price because I didn't want to wait to get a hold of Jennifer to comp. it for me.

Now that I'll be content for a while, I need to refocus my attention on school; this is always the time I start slipping! :oX


Baby you'll be famous, chase you down until you love me

Hard Haunted Mansion '09

Chris & I ended up getting a ride with Jewanton. By the time these were taken I had already known how the night was gonna turn out... being the babysitter. Didn't think it'd get this bad! I went and did my own thing for only about 1/2 an hour & by then Chris' already passing out. Went w him & Jewanton to the Emergency tent, when alas, he has alcohol poisoning. I rode in the paramedics to the hospital while Jewan called frantically for the addy of where we were going.

Got to the hospital, had the funniest conversations involving Chris, the nurses, and all the security men. I think the staff found it funny that we were both cracking up the whole time considering the situation. I had the choice to leave w the paramedics but between his drunken "MAKE SURE BEBOT STAYS" and the fact that I'm amazingly compassionate I had to stay. By the end of the night the whole ER knew what Bebot meant, besides the fact that Filipinos make up a major portion of nurses at all hospitals bahaha.

I was going to take more pictures of him in funny positions but I felt bad haha, after he passed out I went to the entry room and hung out with the security guards who referred to me as Gaga, haha they loved me! Jewanton came and got me, and I drove back to enjoy what was left of the night. There was absolutely NO re-entry, so I put on my puppy face and made up a ficticious Supervisor that said we could come back, before getting escorted in by the main dewd, who was incredibly chill, btw.

DM5, obviously, and Zombie Nation

Shit happens, everything happens for a reason, I'm an optimist! Hopefully a better one next year hahah


Tonight Show w Conan O'Brien

Busted a huge, exciting mission to the live taping of the Tonight Show w Conan O'Brien (aka my hubby). It was overwhelming being in his presence! We went mini-shopping at the Universal City Walk, got free Hello Kitty trinkets in honor of her 35th birthday (which is today!) It's the Oct. 30th episode, just in case you want to hear me doing me Xena scream in the audience.

Towards the end, I couldn't contain my excitement any longer and screamed, "I LOVE YOU!" from my seat, in which he stopped and said,
C: "What was that?"
J: "I LOVE YOU!!!!"
C: "Sorry, the wifey won't like that *points to ring*"
*Everyone laughs*
C: "Call me *makes phone with hand* We'll talk after"

I was all smiles the rest of the day <333
Halloween post up soon bahahah