Oh. my. god. It's been wayyy too long. So much has happened and it's kept me away, but call my sexy because I'm back. First there was family stuff, then Trump got elected (barf) the same day Nasty Gal, my place of work, filed for BANKRUPTCY, but then I joined my new exciting job! I went to Tulum, Mexico; I went to Japan, and now I'm back. But don't worry, I intend to catch you up on all of that, starting with this last blog feature on Nasty Gal. Enjoy!

Next up, a nice little film recap.




Hiiii. Seriously, so sorry it's been so long. (To whom am I saying sorry? Myself, probably.) So much has been going on. The tragic "victory" of our current president elect *barff*; my day job, Nasty Gal, filing for bankruptcy, the holidays in general, planning a huge birthday trip, attempts to maintain a normal social life, and everything that comes with. That being said, I'm on my way back to posting regularly on the b00btube again (!!!), with my last video being a Halloween tutorial that actually contains one of my favorite makeup looks ever, and it can totally be worn any time of the year. Check it out above & subscribe to my channel for more.





Joe's Jeans The Olivia c/o Zappos, Steve Madden Webster c/o Zappos, repurposed mesh tank, vintage Coach backpack and cardigan

The downside of rainy days: frizzy hair, when your dog gets wet, no farmers market. The upside: Perfectly diffused light for photos, neck-and-neck with dare I say, the 5 o'clock golden hour. I took advantage of the pause in precipitation to snap my favorite duo as of late: my Olivia cropped jeans and Webster boots. The fit of these jeans is a first for me: mid-rise, cropped flare, and delicate distressing at the knee. The height of the shaft of my boots hits in just the right spot, while still allowing my characteristically sparkly and/or pastel socks to peek out (in this case, gold lurex). Both are from Zappos, whom I can always trust to have unmatchable customer service, a 1-year return policy, and huge range of style selections to choose from.