HP x360
(Laptop mode)

I'm not entirely sure about you guys, but Netflix and streaming videos have successfully weaved their way into my life to the extent that I couldn't imagine not being able to just relax at home with some good ole binge-watching. So when HP reached out to me to share their new x360 laptop in its unique 4 modes, I knew I had to dish on some video favorites. In teaming up for my HP collab, I was asked to choose 4 favorites of anything--so, I present to you my personal Netflix picks for 4 different but very common situations. (Pssst... this post also serves as a quick glimpse into the new loft!)

First up, study time or working from home (shown above). In keeping with the scholarly theme, I chose the documentary The Punk Singer, available on Netflix. If you're into Le Tigre or anything grrrrl-related, you'll really dig this one. And if you happen to be writing a thesis on gender inequality, this will really get those fingers typing.

HP x360
(Tent mode)

Me time. This is the ultimate relaxation time, perfect for some easy viewing. If you've seen the Friends series so many times you can play each episode in your head, it may be time for a sit-com rotation. Don't Trust the B---- in Room 23 is my go-to for silly laughs, "wtf"s, and googly eyes at Kristen Ritter. That woman has charm pouring out of her, even when her character's nickname is Tall Slut No Panties.

HP x360
(Stand mode) 

Getting ready. Nothing better than having a cult classic playing on your bed while getting ready, and a cult flick jammed with fashion inspo, no less. Pull up Ghost World for this sitch and welcome in your new outfit pairing creativity.

HP x360 
(Tablet mode)

Last but not least, date night. Homebodies unite with a movie night in. But that doesn't mean he or she can skip on the flowers! Nothing's more romantic that Baz Luhmann's rendition of Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet. Don't know what the hell they're saying? Me neither, 8th grade lit. was a while ago, but luckily staring into Leo's eyes doesn't require speaking in iambic pentameter.

Before I part, also wanted to give a heads up that HP is following along Meghan Trainor's That Bass Tour and covering the madness in captivating episodes, followed by user-generated content for a completely raw perspective. Sweet!




Nasty Gal Forte Dress, Plush gloves, Wolford tights, vintage boots // Tommy Hilfiger
~Fashion week roomies~ // Steph
The WhitePepper, Dolce Vita boots // Skingraft
TheWhitePepper, Nasty Gal fur stole, Frye boots // Visiting Teen Vogue & Conde Nast HQ
View from One World Trade Center

There so much where this came from, including some rated PG-13 film photos that were uncovered on Chris' disposable camera. A piece of the pie 'til then.




IMG_0025 IMG_0054 IMG_0029 IMG_0045 IMG_0065 IMG_0068

Rag & Bone Daytona Top, velvet skirt, Cambridge-inspired satchel, Celine Papillon sunglasses

Again with my bad boyfriend syndrome. My posts will cease to be so fleeting, they will! I left for NYFW last week and began moving into my loft in DTLA immediately upon my return. And to say I didn't realize how much shit I have is the understatement of the year. I'm the type of person that likes to know where everything is; everything needs to have it's own specific spot. That is not the status of my room right now, resulting in a ton of anxiety. BUT I'm extremely excited about not having to commute to LA for work. It's literally a 6 minute walk (yay!) And you can bet there will be an apartment tour once everything's set!

PS. Now looking for an intern in the area to assist in bloggery duties, feel free to email me at hello@joellenlove.com if interesssssted

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